Macs Cue

Macs Cue 2.1

Create series of audio cues for playback.
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Play sounds in custom cues automatically or manually. Create a cue by selecting the files, then interlink them, add fade effects at the start and end of each track, then enable the playback. Optionally, reorganize the sounds, remove selected files from the chain, etc.

Macs Cue is a sound player optimized for scripted performances. You create a cue sheet containing all the sounds you want to play, then hit the space bar to play each one. Cues can be chained, and can be set to stop or fade other cues.
After dragging sound files into your cue sheet, you can trim off the start and end of each cue, as well as automating volume and pan. Cues can be set to loop, and to start or stop other cues at any point while they're playing.
Great for small theatres, churches, schools, corporate presentations, or anywhere you need simple and reliable sound playback. Alice Cooper uses it in his shows, shouldn't you? Version 2 is a major overhaul, and includes multichannel output with multiple output devices, multiple events per cue, volume and pan automation, notes, more precise volume control, and silent cues. It also displays CPU usage, and checks for new versions.

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