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Machine Essays 2.1

Let your computer express itself.
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This is a weird one, weirder than my other apps, believe it or not. Simply, Machine Essays asks your computer to come up with blocks of random characters. The blocks are scanned for American English words, and if any words are found they are added to the output text block. This allows you to rad what your computer wants to tell you. And hear it, of course, Machine Essays will speak your computers thoughts to you. I dunno. I just want to see. I want to see what the machine wants to say, even if it's gibberish. Am I hopeful I'll find something meaningful? Yes I am, or I wouldn't have written this. But realistically waiting for a sonnet? No. But we'll see. Sharing it with you so you can see what your machine wants to say to you. And actually running it for a while, particulalry with Speech turned on, this turns out to be really interesting art.
What's new in this version:
- Re-wrote the word searcher. It was originally the generic one intended to simply match words from my text cataloging subsystem, instead of detect words in a random byte stream, so it was slow and not always correct for Machine Essays. Re-wrote to be very specific for this use, now much faster and will correctly find longer forms of words (i.e., will find "intently" and not just stop at "intent". Significant enough change to bump the minor version number, much richer output.
- Added a ti...

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