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Assign password protection to individual programs.
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Enhance the security of specific applications in the system of your Mac. Select a compatible product and add the locking mechanism, generate and assign a custom password, etc. The utility optionally works with single files and launcher executables for complex software.

MacFort is an innovative utility which gives you the ability to easily encrypt and password protect individual files and folders, applications and their associated files. With just 2 clicks, MacFort lets you password protect several applications data on your Mac (Ex: Dropbox, Apple Mail, iPhoto Library, Outlook for Mac, Day One, Evernote, Notes, Reminders, browser history, Contacts, or any individual files and folders you'd like to keep away from prying eyes.
MacFort will allow you to securely store your important files by creating password protected, encrypted vaults. Using AES 128-bit, or 256-bit encryption algorithms; no one can open an encrypted vault without knowing the correct password. When you open your favorite applications (e.g, Apple Mail), MacFort will prompt you for a password to open the vault -- if the password is entered incorrectly, Mail will be prevented from accessing the email messages. Therefore, your important files will be completely inaccessible to anyone who does not know your vault password. Additionally, MacFort will automatically close and lock your vaults as you exit your protected applications.
MacFort also allows you to encrypt and password protect individual folders and files. If you need to password lock individual files or folders, just add them to MacFort through our easy to use application interface, and MacFort will do the rest for you.
If you are using MacFort and your Mac becomes lost or is stolen, you know that no one else can read your confidential files. You can even put the encrypted vaults on an external drive or a network drive. With this method, you can save a lot of hard disk space and your data will be protected, secure and recoverable in the event of loss, theft, or system failure. MacFort is also completely compatible with Time Machine.

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