MacBomber 0.4

Open source 3D Bomberman Clone for Mac OS X.

MacBomber is an open source 3D Bomberman Clone for Mac OS X. It's heavily inspired by Clanbomber, which is a great Bomberman Clone for Linux. Features include:
Support for up to four players.
More than 30 Maps (original clanbomber maps).
Funny Badies, like Condoms and Joints.
Different kind of map tiles, like:
Conveyor belts.
Catapults, which let bombs fly high through the sky.
Void fields, which let you fall off the map
OpenGL accelerated 3D Graphics.
A Particlesystem, which is used for various nice effects.
Easy to use menu.

MacBomber only features multiplayer action. There is no LAN or Bot support right now, but this is likely to change in the future. So stay tuned for further updates!

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