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Free MacAppStuff Percent is a free utility for calculating percentages.
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By Jonathan Clark
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MacAppStuff Percent is a free utility for those of us who don't get along with math. The app carries out a single mathematic operation: it can determine the percentage of a specified number, and then display it. It is an incredibly simple app with only two fileds where the user can input data. The app asks a simple question, and it displays the solution. The question is: What is X% of Y? The "X" and "Y" represent the fields. You simply type in the percentage that you want to calculate and the number you want the percentage of. Then, after you click on "Calculate", the solution will be shown below. There are three numbers that are displayed when you click on "Calculate", and there is a "=", "+" and "-", before them. The first number is the actual solution, and the following two are the percentage added and subtracted from the first number that you specified. The addition of those two last numbers is really thoughtful.

All in all, this app is incredibly simple, and some people might not even need to use a pencil to carry out the mathematical operation that this app is all about. However, there are other users who don't understand math as well as some others, and for them, the app is really helpful and time-saving.

JF Senior editor
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