Thinklabs Phonocardiography

Thinklabs Phonocardiography 1.2

Thinklabs Phonocardiography allows you to visualize heart and lung sounds.
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Thinklabs Medical LLC

Visualize heart and lung sounds with Thinklabs Phonocardiography. Expand the capability and power of your Thinklabs digital stethoscope by capturing sounds on your iPod, PC or Mac Notebook. Now you can display, edit, amplify, filter, slow down playback rate, show spectrograms and more.

Thinklabs Phonocardiography Software provides easy visualization and editing of heart sounds and lung sounds recorded from your Thinklabs Digital Stethoscope. The software can be downloaded free and works with both PC or Apple Mac computers. With Thinklabs Phonocardiography, you can use your Thinklabs Stethoscope to take Auscultation to a whole new level, whether you are in Medical Education or Clinical Practice.

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