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Mac AirVideo Client is an application that can connect to Air Video Server.
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Erica Sudan

Mac AirVideo Client is an application that can connect to Air Video Server. I reviewed Air Video Server back in 2011. It is a great piece of software that lets you stream your video collection to iOS devices over your home network or even on the Internet. It can automatically convert videos that are not supported by those devices on the fly. Now there are many apps like it, but Air Video Server remains my favorite. Mac AirVideo Client lets you connect to a server, but on your Mac. So, you can set up the server and then access it from any Mac on the world that is connected to the Internet.

When you launch the client, you will be able to add any server that you want manually and there is also a nice automatic discovery feature that works like a charm. When I tested this app, I had already installed the server, and I clicked on the "discover" button and my server was immediately found. After adding it, I could navigate my media and play any video file. When a file is selected for playback, the app will launch VLC and open your file with it.

If you venture into the Settings, you will be able to change a lot of streaming options, including the quality, the queue system and the server settings.

In short, Mac AirVideo Client is a great free client for the AirVideo Server app. It works like a charm out of the box, which is always really important.

José Fernández
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