M.I.R. - Moving Image Retoucher 1.3

Retouch and play movie and film images.
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HS-ART presents the moving image retouching tool M.I.R. as stand-alone software for Windows and Mac. M.I.R. provides a powerful solution for manual dust busting and any other kind of single image defects retouching issues.
Manual retouching of long image sequences with thousands of images can be a time consuming and tedious task. With M.I.R. HS-ART offers an efficient solution for manual retouching of any kind of single image defects. For example dust spots, bad splices, tears and the like can be fixed with a few clicks.
Using the retouch by clone methodology, M.I.R. only applies existing information to fix moving images by cloning content from other regions and images. The built-in retouch monocle is a useful tool to support cloning by showing target and source in zoom. Adjustable softness and elliptic brushes of any size and shape are allowing a smooth fit into the target. The auto alignment feature automatically matches the target with the source region and hence saves a lot of operator time. In order to play 2K and even higher resolutions in real-time M.I.R. uses micro-loop along with smart caching. The software works with most common fileformats (quicktime, dpx, cineon, tiff, tga, jpg,...).
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integrated lookuptable optional subsampling for high resolutions (e.g.: 4k) preserves original images (non-destructive)



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