Trapcode Lux

Trapcode Lux 1.53

This After Effects speedy plug-in adds volumetric lighting effects to projects.

After Effects' 3D lighting feature creates pools of light generated from light sources in 3D space - but you can't see the light itself or the cone it produces. Enter Trapcode Lux: a speedy plug-in that adds volumetric lighting effects to projects that require realistic spotlights, point lights, or stage lighting of all kinds.

Lux automatically creates visible sources for all Point and Spot lights in the scene. You can even choose to have Lux applied only to lights by name, making complex scenes easy to manage.

Lux lets let you specify the look of the light beam, its intensity, falloff and behavior, and how far it travels in the After Effects 3D scene. Multiple controls let you set the style of the lighting from natural to intense with controls that interact with After Effects' built-in light controls.

Lux offers complete integration with After Effects Light layers. Lux's lights are based on After Effect's built-in light layers, so as you move a light in a 3D scene, Lux automatically updates as its position changes in 3D space. Integrated alpha channel output lets you extend or enhance the visible area to add smoke or dust to further enhance the Lux effect.

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