Flip4Mac 3.3

Official Windows Media player on the Mac - supported and hosted by Microsoft.
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Flip4Mac is a free QuickTime component for the Mac. It was designed to allow playback of Windows Media audio and video files in QuickTime applications. Before this was available, you had to download Windows Media Player for the Mac to play WMV or WMA files. That product was discontinued and Flip4Mac took its place. It is distributed for free, but media production tools by Telestream are not.

Flip4Mac isn't an application that you have to run to play Windows Media Files. It simply allows QuickTime-based applications to run those formats. So, for example, after installing this, you will be able to use the Quick Look feature to play WMV files from Finder. Or you will be able to open those files with QuickTime. Any other app that uses QuickTime for playback will also benefit from having the component installed.

Flip4Mac also installs a few plug-ins. Some of those are for web browsers to play WMV content. It also installs Silverlight, by Microsoft. You can find the component options under the Flip4Mac preference pane, there you can change a few settings and update or upgrade the app.

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  • The video decoder is free
  • It allows you to play WMV files in every QuickTime-based app, like Quick Look


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