Luca 7.0

Accrual-based double-entry accounting system.
7.0 (See all)

- A full-featured, accrual-based double-entry accounting system.
- Creates unlimited levels for the Chart of Accounts, with auto postings and rollbacks.
- Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reporting; Tracks receipts, disbursements, receivables, payables, and Statement of Accounts.
- Settlement of partial and/or multiple invoices, handles over-payment of invoices.
- Supports multiple currencies, calculates forex gain or loss.
- Supports multiple companies in separate data files.
- Includes iCloud support for data files, where you can share your accounting data in iCloud with Luca on your other Macs and Luca for the iPad.
- Emphasises accuracy, data verification, auditability and traceability.
What's new in this version:
Besides the current built-in SQLite database, this version has added support for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. An export facility has been built to export the accounting data in Luca's built-in SQLite database to any MySQL or PostgreSQL database.

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