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Imagine being right next to a master remixer while he shows you how he creates his killer tracks!
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Imagine being right next to a master remixer while he shows you how he creates his killer tracks! No need to imagine. You’ll be right there in the producer's seat beside Olav Basoski as you watch this tutorial!
Having remixed just about everyone, from Armin van Buuren to Moby, Olav Basoski is the virtual wikipedia of remixing: This guy knows it all!
Preparing a song for the dance floor is not an easy task. Trying to remix one of your own tunes is even harder. Luckily with Ableton Live in the able hands of Olav Basoski, DAW meets the master remixer creating the perfect remixing storm!
Experiencing the way that Olav Basoski guides you thru the process of remixing is a truly amazing trip. You’re sitting by his side, absorbing every word as he explains how he approaches a remix... how he selects the perfect elements from the original song and builds brand new beats! You are right there as he constructs that perfect groove, and creates the new arrangement one step at a time.
In this one-of-a-kind tutorial you’ll see how an audio master like Olav pushes himself ever harder to extract more impact from those micro musical moments where it really counts. You’ll also see how he has an acute eye and ear for every nuance, every step along the way. Olav even shows you all his favorite third party plugins and, best of all, he explais why and how he likes to use them.
This Ableton Live tutorial is revolutionary because it’s an exclusive, inside look into the way a true experienced pro does his everyday work. What really puts Remixing in Live over the top is the way that Olav gives you a front row seat as he shows you the inner workings...the real arcana... of why he does what he does throughout the whole song construction journey!
So sit down and learn the art of Remixing in Ableton Live with one of our top trainers: Olav Basoski!
Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Remixparts
3. Replaying Parts?
4. Warping the vocal
5. Building the Beat - Part 1
6. Building the Beat - Part 2
7. Fine-tuning Drumsounds
8. Make it Groove!
9. Slicing Loops
10. Finishing Off the Beats
11. Parallel Bus-compression
12. Processing the Other Sounds
13. Adding New Sounds and Parts
14. Adding a Bass and Mixing It.
15. Renaming for Convenience
16. Building the Intro
17. Adding Sounds to the Intro
18. Making First Impact
19. Fine-Tuning the First Impact
20. The Pre-Break Phase
21. Heading for the Break
22. Entering the Break
23. Impact During the Break
24. Adding the Vocals
25. Building up the Break - Part 1
26. Building up the Break - Part 2
27. Group-envelopes Gotcha!
28. The Entire Break & More Impact
29. Post-break & the Outtro
30. Final Tweaks

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