LittleIpsum 2.0

A stock text generator that copies Latin text to the clipboard.
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LittleIpsum is a stock text generator that copies a specified volume of Latin text to the clipboard: 1-5 words, sentences, or up to 4 paragraphs. The amount is chosen by the user through an intuitive graphical dropdown interface from the menu bar, and can be copied with HTML tags attached (i.e. for a few words or for sentences or paragraphs).

The application's name derives from "Lorem ipsum", the first two words of a Latin text commonly used to fill temporarily empty spaces for formatting purposes. Such a functionality comes in particularly useful in publishing, where executing layout with the finished text would lead to impossibly tight deadlines. The reason Latin text is used is that it resembles written English from afar but is semantically empty, as opposed to, say, "Lalalalala I hate my boss boooring text text text". (At my high school newspaper these types of errors made it into the final print ocassionally... never a good look.)

LittleIpsum may not be the ideal text generation tool for everyone. For anything longer than 4 paragraphs of non-repeating text, multiple clicks are needed. And the professionals likely to find such a tool useful are also likely to have one already built in to their design application. But if they don't, LittleIpsum is a great match.

Sam's Protip: Use a right-click or control-click to access the snippets with HTML tags built in.

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  • Attractive, clean interface
  • Quickly accessed from the menu bar


  • Maximum of four paragraphs at a time

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It doesn't open when I click on it. Just takes me back to desktop. I've purchased it twice now for 99 cents. What am I doing wrong?

Sep 29, 2022 Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply