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Liquid Pro 5.1

You'll be comfortable and more productive with Liquid's Command-@.:
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Fly through OS X at warp speed. This is what people are saying about Liquid OS X: Cult Of Mac: Liquid Helps Information Flow Smoothly. TUAW: One of those time-saving utilities that you can't live without once you start using it. LifeHacker: Speeds up transferring text between apps, searching, translating, and more. BBC: So useful you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. MacUser: A real productivity enhancer, it's hugely powerful. CNN: A great tool. Stephen Fry: Get used to it & you're hooked. Douglas Rushkoff: This counts as Mac OS Eleven. Bruce Horn: Easy to use and tremendously functional. Vint Cerf: You don't know convenience until you try it.

To use Liquid Mac OS X select text, and Liquid appears instantly with your selected text automatically inserted. You can now Convert any units (including currencies), Search, look up References, Translate and Share your information through email, Twitter and Facebook:

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