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Free A spelling game played against a human or computer opponent.
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Letterpress is a game in which you compete against a human or a computer opponent by trying to form words with the available letters. In this regard, having a wide vocabulary range and knowing how to spell words is essential for winning. However, you also need to master the rules of the game.

The game needs two opponents. Thus, you can play against a friend or, otherwise, a bot. It is characterized by its minimalistic design. There is a grid from where you can get the letter tiles for your words. By clicking on a tile, it is automatically sent to the top of the window. Moreover, as words are being built, there is a color code to differentiate the tiles used by each of the players. In this regard, it is possible to protect your tiles by surrounding it with others of your color. The game ends when there are no available tiles or no more words can be built. The player that manages to earn most tiles wins.

Unfortunately, the application can still have some bugs. In this respect, it is a shame that sometimes the game breaks its own rules regarding the use of locked tiles and inexistent words. Likewise, it is possible that the game rejects your valid words. Finally, just a wish, it would be good if playing against more than one opponent be implemented.

All in all, Letterpress lets you not only have fun but also acquire vocabulary. Luckily, the game includes dictionary definitions and allows you to track your performance over time. Good news is that the product is freely available from the Mac App Store, and there is also a version for portable devices.

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  • Engaging game with intelligent rules
  • Allows playing against a human or a bot opponent
  • Beautiful minimalistic interface
  • Includes dictionary definitions
  • May be used for educational purposes


  • Still buggy regarding rules and valid words


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