Leo The Cat

Leo The Cat 1.0

Platform game, where you contol a cat.
1.0 (See all)
Filimon Dubekos

Adventures of Leo is a platform game where you use the arrow keys to navigate Leo and perform an jump. The CTRL key is used for a spin attack. You can kill the enemies by either jumping on the or using the spinning attack, but be careful some enemies are immune to the jump or the spin attack and some can not be destroyed at all and you have to avoid them. You cannot use the spin attack while walking. This is Part 1 and has 8 Levels. The game has also touch screen controls. Story: In a distant world there lived a race of humanoid cats called Cattis. They lived peacefully under the leadership of Leo a strong and wise Cattis. Until one day the mutant rodents attacked. They kidnapped many Cattis and stole their food and milk supplies. Now it is up to Leo to rescue them and take back their food.

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