Learn Croatian Starter

Learn Croatian Starter 2.0

Learn to speak Croatian like a native.
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With over 60 individual classes, you will learn to master Croatian by listening to and practicing with simulated conversations, engaging exercises, and skill units as you work through the interactive study guide and audio content.
2Speak Croatian covers just about every area that you need to master in order to speak Croatian like a native. The topics covered by the entire course include:
- Basic Concepts;
- Everyday Situations;
- People and Culture;
- Greetings & Polite Conversation;
- Talking about time;
- Travel and Getting Around.
With 2Speak Croatian you'll get an access to:
- Interactive Study Guide;
- Portable Audio Instruction;
- Access to Croatian Social Network;
- Built-in Audio and Video Chat.
Croatian Starter provides you more than 600 hours of instruction!

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