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League of Legends 1.0 beta

LoL is a freemium MOBA game with over 100 playable characters.
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League of Legends (LoL) is a freemium DotA-style multiplayer online battle arena game with over a hundred playable characters. All functional in-game purchases can be made using currency earned in-game; premium purchases expedite availability of playable characters and unlock appearance customizations.

The objective of LoL is fairly simple: defeat the enemy team by destroying their structures (or capturing them, in the alternative Dominion gamestyle). Players pick a "champion" avatar before the game begins with distinct abilities and attributes. The other resources available to both teams are the same, despite slight cosmetic differences. It's the strength of the team's combination of individual character strengths and how well they use them that determines how well they fight each other for domination of the map.

Sam's Protip: Although it's seldom explicitly stated as such, standard game strategy dictates that each player takes one of five roles - attack-damage-heavy bottom laner, supporting bottom laner, ability-power-heavy middle laner, solo top-lane bruiser, and jungler (or second top laner).

Sam Lloyd
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  • Highly nuanced combat mechanics
  • Two game modes other than standard DotA style
  • Large and highly active online community
  • Mac version lacks no PC version features


  • Can be ruinously addictive
  • Fellow players can be unforgiving and unpleasant
  • Mac version runs slower than PC version
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