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Free Laughing Man Saver is a very interesting screen saver.
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Laughing Man Saver is a very interesting screen saver. To be able to fully enjoy this application, you need a supported web camera. All the cams from the various Mac models will work. If OS X detects your camera, you will be able to use it with this app. When you launch Laughing Man Saver, it will show your camera feed but it will add a black and white effect and some interference. The image won't be crystal clear, but you will see your face if you are staring at the webcam. When it is working right, the app will also detect your face and put a big smiling icon with some text in it where your face should go. In my testing, face detection wasn't really accurate. I had to really look at the screen and remain still for it to work. If you have a dual-screen setup, you will see the image of your webcam on your main monitor and on your second monitor - the captured images from your webcam feed.

If you venture into the Preferences, you can change the text that is displayed around the smiling icon, select your main monitor and even save the app as a screensaver. This last feature is useful if you want to be able to automatically launch the app after some time of inactivity on your Mac.

Laughing Man Saver is an original screensaver for office computers where people walk around your computer. It might catch some attention and compliments in such an environment.

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José Fernández
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  • Very interesting concept
  • Easy to set up


  • Face tracking could be better



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