Lara Gates: The Lost Talisman

It is a hidden object game with many areas to explore and puzzles to solve.
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Lara Gates: The Lost Talisman is a hidden object game with many areas to explore and puzzles to solve.
Lara Gates is a young woman who appraises ancient artifacts for a living. This time she has a strange client, a Dean of the Banderville College. She does not see him but gets a job by e-mail to appraise an ancient talisman of the Banderville family. In his instructions, the Dean mentions that he has separated the talisman and hidden its parts all over the college. While doing her job, Lara incidentally learns that, when separated, the talisman brings evil. So, she hurries to the college to protect it and warn the Dean. But, did the Dean make a mistake or not? Help Lara to collect all the parts of the talisman and solve the mystery.

The game has a simple, still rather interesting gameplay. You can play it as an expert without any hints, or choose the easier way and have a possibility to see the areas of interest sparkled, use hints and skip puzzles. From time to time, I had to use hints to find some objects, as they were too small, and to find out the way because I don't like walking around for long.

Also, the game offers good graphics, nice music, and thrilling ghostly sounds. Unfortunately, it has no voice-overs, so you will have to read everything. As usual, you can adjust the music volume, change the cursor, and play the game in the window mode.

To conclude, Lara Gates: The Lost Talisman is an ordinary hidden object game for the fans of this genre.

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Andrew Do
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  • Useful hints
  • Nice sound effects


  • No voice-overs



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