One picture is worth one thousand words 2.0

Match a pattern built with 4 rectangles, by manipulating 4 pictures.
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Denis Dionne
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The goal of the game is to match a pattern built with 4 rectangles, by manipulating 4 pictures located in the center of the screen. The catch is that they are not static pictures, but diaporamas. You actually see the current picture of each diaporama. To complete your task, two moves are available: you can advance to the next picture of a disporama, or you can swap two diaporamas' positions. Complete instructions are available in the game's menus. The complete version allows you to use your own pictures. Customizing your pictures consists of resizing and renaming them to the game's format. That can be easily done with shareware products found on Internet. Complete instructions about pictures files creation are unlocked with registration.

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