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Free This application works with Endicia for Mac ( app to print the eBay Shipping labels in bulk.
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This application works with Endicia for Mac ( app to print the eBay Shipping labels in bulk. This application is designed for sellers use Mac to print all eBay shipping label. You will need Endicia for Mac to make this app work. It is suitable for eBay Power Seller who ships lots of packages everyday. It automatically gets the shipping address for an eBay item and print the label and then updates the eBay site with Delivery Confirmation.
In this free version, you can only print the 10 label for testing purpose. After you purchase the license inside the app, it will allow to print the 100 actual shipping labels in bulk.
It is designed based on the eBay Power Seller who sells clothing, lingeries. It helps the seller to split the shipping package into two packages via First Class USPS Mail if the package weight is over 13 oz and less than 26oz. If your products are not splittable, you have an option to disable this feature. With this feature alone you can ship almost everything via First Class USPS Mail, It will help the sellers save thousand of dollars every year.
It can also retrieve the style number of the item if the item number is the first line of eBay Description.
You have an option to use Large Envelop (Flat) or Package as Package type as well.
First Class, Priority, Flat Rate, International and APO shipping are all supported.
Once the item is shipped, confirmation number is automatically updated to eBay site. The item will not be in eBay Awaiting Shipment List.
This app allows to print 100 labels at one click! Certainly, you can do 20 labels at one time. It is up to you how many labels you will like to print at one click.
This application is in real life Production for the Platinum eBay Power Seller. It helps them saving lots of time and money. Let us know if you have any question or feature request. We will be happy to improve it based on your request.

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