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KoalaCalc is a Mac application that allows you to perform advanced scientific calculations in an instant. This tool can appear very useful if you are a math student or if you simply want to perform advanced calculations with little effort.

After launching KoalaCalc, you will notice a simple calculator, similar to the one provided by Mac OS X, which you can use to perform simple calculations. But, if you click on the "More" button, you will discover the true potential of this piece of software.

With the help of KoalaCalc you can instantly calculate mathematical and trigonometrical functions like square root, exponential, logarithm or the Delta Percent of any given number, easily perform conversions between multiple measurement units (areas, distances, pressure, currency, etc.) or you can even calculate and convert fractions in a highly accurate manner.

Furthermore, by using the KoalaCalc you will be able to perform statistical operations like calculating the descriptives of a specific set of numbers or applying the ANOVA (analysis of variance) and t-test. You can also use this application to calculate advanced mathematical functions like absolute values or sines and cosines of any desired number in a matter of seconds.

If you need to insert constants into your calculations or functions, you don't have to search for them on the Internet, because the KoalaCalc puts them at your disposal and you can easily access them with just a click of a mouse (from the "Constants" menu item). If, by some chance, you are looking for a specific constant that is not on the list, this tool provides you with the possibility to quickly add it for later uses.

To sum it all up, KoalaCalc is an easy-to-use Mac application and it is definitely worth trying if you need to perform advanced scientific calculations in no time.

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  • Trigonometry support
  • Statistical analysis
  • Absolute values calculation
  • Large collection of functions and expressions
  • Supports speech


  • Freezes during calculations at times


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