Knox 2.1

Secure the contents of your most sensitive files by encrypting them.
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The security of your files is always at risk, whether it's because of malware, disk failure or accidental deletion. With Knox however, users get the best in terms of protection; the application can create vaults, encrypted with strong algorithms and locked by a password.

Knox runs by default in the menu bar, which makes it easily accessible. Creating new vaults is quite simple; users need to specify a name, password, type (create an encrypted vault file or reformat a volume as an encrypted vault) and optionally a location, size, compatibility and encryption (256 bit or 128 bit).

The utility includes backup and restore features for all vaults created, increasing the security of the files and folders within them.

Program preferences may have Knox run at login, keep opened vaults open after a restart, search the contents of the vaults via Spotlight, backup vaults automatically at a certain time interval and at a specific location.

Knox provides users with the best of both worlds; a convenient mix between data security and a backup tool.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Can backup and restore vaults
  • Includes strong encryption algorithms


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