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KMPlayer X is intended for media playback. It is said to support practically every video format as it comes in bundle with internal codecs, which means it does not require installing any additional files. In this respect, the app supposedly allows playing such popular formats as MPEG, MKV, AVI and MOV. Good news is that it can play high-resolution video of up to 4K.

The player has a minimalistic interface, with no superfluous details, and like most other similar apps, it allows toggling to full-screen view. There is the common set of playback buttons, which are not always visible and are only shown when you need them. Most of the configuration and additional functions are accessed via Menu Bar commands. Likewise, it is possible to use a set of predefined shortcuts, which you do not get the chance to personalize.

Let us take a look at those extras available from the Menu Bar. As to playback, it is possible to move to the next or previous files. Likewise, you can move forward or backwards a given number of seconds. Moreover, it is possible to speed up or slow down playback as well. Besides, you can load subtitles from external files and even fix synchronization issues. By the way, that is also possible to do when the video and audio streams are not perfectly synchronized. Finally, you can capture your favorite frames and export them as JPG images.

Unfortunately, the player had some problems with specific video file formats, which it did not give me the chance to load via drag-and-drop or the Open command. Surprisingly, this contradicts the statement that all major media formats are supported, which would be in my opinion the best advantage of this tool. However, I must admit that the app’s failure to play MPEG files could be due to a specific problem with my system configuration that I was unable to figure out.

All in all, KMPlayerX could be used as a universal media player, with the advantage of not needing external codecs. It comes with the basic functions for you to enjoy video playback without much interference. For you to know, this product is the macOS version of KMPlayer, whose Windows versions is extremely popular. Luckily, it is available at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports playing up to 4K video
  • Minimalistic interface
  • Allows synchronizing video, subtitles and audio
  • Let us you take snapshots of your favorite frames
  • Does not require installing external media codecs


  • Shortcuts cannot be personalized
  • May fail to play some media file types
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