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Klondike 3D is an entertaining card game created for Mac.
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Klondike 3D is a Mac app that gives you access to multiple Solitaire games and comes in handy while you're on a break from work. You can create multiple player profiles, play in a fullscreen or windowed mode, change the appearance of the card deck, and much more.

The game keeps track of the highest scores, provides you with many options (enable/disable sound effects, change display resolution, select another board angle, etc.), and offers you plenty of useful tips. Furthermore, you have access to a comprehensive help guide which can be checked at any time, even while playing a card game.

Another advantage is that the app lets you use various hotkeys to start new games, undo moves, toggle a windowed or fullscreen mode, etc.

This new version comes with several bug fixes. There are no changes for the appearance of the interface or gameplay rules.

In my opinion, Klondike 3D is an entertaining and addictive card game. It lets you choose from many game modes, has nice graphics, and is very simple to configure.

With that being said, you should give Klondike 3D a try if you're a fan of playing Solitaire games on your spare time.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice artworks
  • Provides you with detailed game rules
  • Keeps track of the highest scores
  • Lets you undo and redo moves
  • Free


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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