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K Kitchen is a commercial CD and DVD burning utility.
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K Kitchen is a commercial CD and DVD burning utility. Three different types of operations can be carried out with this app. The first type is a data compilation. By simply dragging and dropping the files that you want to burn to a DVD, you can add those files to the compilation. After you have done that, you can start the burning process by clicking on the "Burn" button.

You can choose one of four different file systems for your compilation to ensure compatibility with your target system. The available file systems are: Mac and PC, ISO 9660+Joliet, HFS+ (for Macs only) and UDF + ISO9660. The second type of compilation that you can create with this app is an audio CD. This will create CDs that you can just insert in a CD player or car stereo for audio playback. Lastly, the application can burn different images to blank CDs and DVDs. All of these different modes can be accessed from what the application calls a "start window". The modes can be chosen by clicking on the red buttons on the left and right part of the application.

A new window will be launched for each type of compilation that you select. Once you close the start window, you will have to launch it again from the menus on the menubar if you need to change the compilation type.

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  • Three different compilation modes
  • Multiple file system options
  • Drag and drop functionality


  • I didn't quite like how different compilations are selected from the start window. Once it disappears, you have to relaunch it just to select a new type of compilation



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