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Kindle to PDF is a utility that can be used to convert Kindle books to PDF.
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Kindle to PDF is a utility that can be used to convert Kindle books to PDF. The application requires Kindle for Mac to be installed and running on your Mac. The way it converts your books is ingenious but not practical. Basically, what the application does is taking snapshots of your screen and then it cuts them into smaller image files, which then are compiled into PDF files. This creates a great-looking PDF file, but there are some clear disadvantages of this process. First, your PDF files won't be editable. Secondly, you can't touch your Mac while the application is converting a file, or you risk having the application take a snapshot of your activity. Not that there is a security problem or anything like that, but you don't want to be reading a PDF book and then see a snapshot of a YouTube video for example. The process is also slower this way. Other converters can process an entire book in a minute. Kindle to PDF took almost 10 minutes to convert a 200-page book.

I tested the app by converting a free book that I downloaded from Kindle for Mac. I converted it and then opened the book with Skim. It looked good and I was able to read it without any problems.

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José Fernández
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