KeyLemon 2.7

Protects your computer and allows you to unlock it using face recognition.
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KeyLemon Inc.

KeyLemon is facial recognition privacy software available for both Windows and Mac OS X. It allows you to log in to your computer without typing a password. It only requires a standard webcam, which you may already have built in or you can connect it via USB.

To set it up you need to take a picture or two so the system can recognize you. When the application detects you're not at your computer, it logs you out. When it detects you are at your station (when you move the mouse or hit a key), it identifies you and unlocks the computer automatically. You don't need to worry that the program could fail to recognize your face and you won't be able to access your computer. You can unlock it also by entering your personal password. It's just that the face recognition method is faster. The program is constantly checking your profile and creates additional images to improve recognition. It saves automatically one image a day.

A nice thing about the program is that it takes a picture every time someone else tries to log in. This way it allows you to track the person who tried to use your computer.

Andreea Tigita
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  • Easy to use
  • Fast login


  • Recognition accuracy depends on lighting conditions
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