Keyboard Keyboard 1.3

Free Maps practically any key on your computer keyboard to a musical command.
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Ryan Laney
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Keyboard Keyboard allows you to map practically any key on your computer keyboard to a musical command. This way, it turns your computer keyboard into a music keyboard, which is probably why its developer named the app this way.

The upper part of the application’s window shows a virtual computer keyboard. Those keys to which you have assigned sounds appear in different colors. Besides, they have a small caption indicating the note. The lower part, in turn, shows a piano keyboard. Moreover, there are sliders for assignable MIDI continuous controllers, pitch bend, pressure and app volume.

This layout facilitates mapping keys because basically what you need to do is press the desired key on the virtual computer keyboard and then a note on the piano or an external controller. Moreover, if you want to assign a key to multiple notes or playing a cord, you should keep the Command key pressed while you play them on the piano. Finally, for mapping a specific key to a chord, continuous controller, transposition value or velocity modifier, just click on the key with your mouse right button and perform the assignment. Fortunately, you do not always need to do the mapping because it comes with built-in presets for piano, bass, guitar, drums and combinations of these.

Good news is that the application supports not only playing music but also recording MIDI into a DAW. Likewise, it allows manipulating sounds produced with an external MIDI device. In this respect, it is possible to play and record up to four MIDI channels at the same time. more

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  • Supports mapping practically any key to a musical command
  • Supports not only single notes but also multiple notes and chords
  • Various built-in presets
  • Records MIDI into a DAW


  • Cannot send MIDI signals when it is out of focus
  • May crash on certain configurations


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