kaijin 1.1

Interstellar action game crawling with vicious mutants.
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Phelios Inc

Kaijin is an interstellar action game crawling with vicious mutants.
Year 2546 - Planet Terria... For too long, genetically modified grown food, and pollution from the ocean and environment created a harmful impact on the natural food chain of Planet Terria.
The insects and ocean dwellers mutated in wildly unusual ways and became stronger and more intelligent. Some began to develop brain abnormalities, which resulted in an increased aptitude of 5000% in their IQ's. As their new intellect grew, so did their appetite for planet domination. They now feel that Terrians What's New
Version 1.3:
- Universal binary Requirements
- PPC / Intel
- Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
- 32MB VRAM (Geforce or Radeon)

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