Kabletown 1.4

Monitor Comcast bandwidth usage for all your devices.
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Kabletown helps you monitor Comcast bandwidth usage for all your devices.
Did you know that your Comcast "Unlimited" Internet service is not really unlimited?
"As of October 1, 2008, data usage above 250 Gigabytes ("GB") per month per Comcast High-Speed Internet residential customer account is considered to be excessive" (details available on Comcast's website).
With Kabletown, you can see exactly how much bandwidth you have used this month, and whether you are in danger of exceeding your cap. And because it queries Comcast's website directly, you can be sure the numbers are accurate.*
Main Features:
- Monitors network usage for ALL the devices on your home network, not just your Mac.
- All communication with the Comcast website is performed over SSL ensuring your username and password are always safe.
- Displays bandwidth used and remaining for the month in gigabytes, percent of cap and gigabytes/day.
- Estimates your bandwidth usage to determine in advance if you are in danger of going over the cap.
- Alerts you when your when your monthly estimate passes 90% (yellow alert) and 100% (red alert).**
- Displays graphs to visualize your current and historical bandwidth usage*Comcast delays this information by up to 3 hours.
**Requires growl.
Kabletown is only for Comcast Residential High Speed Internet customers within the United States.
Due to limitations of the Comcast's website, and undocumented bandwidth caps of Comcast Business Internet accounts, Kabletown will only work for residential customers.
Kabletown and Tisza LLC are not operated by, sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Comcast Corporation in any way.

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