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JumiCam app features a high performance monitoring, tracking & spying system that connects your Mac or mobile device to an unlimited number of web cameras & PCs, streaming multiple live video and audio webcam feeds.
** PLEASE NOTE: JumiController server currently AVAILABLE FOR WINDOWS PCs ONLY and can be downloaded from www.JumiTech.com
JumiCam is a powerful remote monitoring solution, enabling you to watch video stream of multiple webcams. Track a live feed of all rooms in your home, your workspace or of any other connected location and simultaneously view any of the connected Windows PC desktops' activity.
> Concerned about the Nanny taking good care of your baby while you're at work?
Connect your Mac to the live webcam feed for Nanny Cam monitoring to watch and hear your baby from anywhere

> Anxious to know that everything is OK with the kids when you're away?
Keep an eye on your tweenagers with a live audio & video feed, making sure they are safe and have an open communication channel with you

> Worried about your kids' facebook chats?
Access through JumiCam a full screen view of the PC desktop, without the user awareness, and monitor from your mobile your kid's internet surfing safety

> Wondering what your pet is up to when you're out?
Your pet also needs some attention.. Watch your pets on JumiCam, hear them and talk to them to make them feel like you're close by

> Alarmed about your house security?
Out on vacation or just cooped up in the study room? Connect your webcams to your Mac for home surveillance of every room, with minimum usage of bandwidth and 3g data costs

> Troubled about your business safety?
Connect to live camera feeds from your business to see & hear everything going on, at optimized streaming modes directly from the webcams. Save on Mac battery resources and internet usage!

> In need of valuable business information but can't attend the meeting?
Check into the boardroom computer* with JumiCam app to see & hear on your Mac what's happening, without anyone knowing you are actually present there

> Suspecting unpermitted use of your PC while you are not around?
Use JumiCam as a SpyCam, tracking any new user login, viewing the user in a live webcam feed and monitoring their actions on your PC through the PC screen viewer.

*JumiController needs to be installed on the accessed PC

Reviews & demo: www.youtube.com/user/JumiTech
JumiCam application enables you to view live video and audio stream directly from multiple PCs and webcams at a highest quality. It is optimized for high-speed WiFi, 3g and Edge performance with smooth video at high frame rate, using little bandwidth capacity, resulting in minimum data costs for a high video stream quality.

JumiCam's Special Features:
• Fast video streaming technology, comparable to MPEG-4, DivX, and H.264
• Optimized Streaming Modes: switch modes to blast speed and minimize costs
• Monitoring of unlimited cameras & locations
• Bi-directional audio streaming (talk-back support)
• Network Flexibility: Wi-Fi / 3G / Edge
• Phone Bill Friendly: condensed data transfer that saves on 3G/Edge costs.
• Easy Configuration: Automatic connection to nearby PCs & Cameras
• Additional remote PC desktop monitoring
• Secure Access: password protected
• Cam features: Snap & save photos, various streaming modes
• Shared Camera feed: grant additional passwords for guest access (1 user at a time)
* Download JumiController from www.JumiTech.com. Install on the desired PCs with webcam .
* Install JumiCam on your device and connect. Auto-detects webcams and PCs in range and auto-connects.
* Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64Bit) running JumiController server (free)
* MAC OS X 10.6 + for running JumiCam client (Viewer)
* Product information: www.jumitech.com
* Support via support@jumitech.com.

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