JavaScript OSA

JavaScript OSA 1.0

script language for apps supporting OSA languages
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JavaScript OSA is a port of the Mozilla JavaScript 1.4.2 scripting system to the Macintosh in the form of a OSA (Open Scripting Architecture) component. You can use JavaScript OSA as a scripting language in any Macintosh application supporting OSA languages, such as the Script Editor included with the MacOS. Why Do I Need JavaScript? Why Indeed. If you find AppleScript difficult to learn or you already know JavaScript from programming the Web, JavaScript OSA provides an alternative to AppleScript for controlling your Macintosh. JavaScript OSA provides full support for sending and receiving AppleEvents that leverages the AppleScript support found in the MacOS and the ever growing range of scriptable applications.
What's new in this version:
Addressed an intermittent problem where the JavaScript OSA component would fail to load on Mac OS X systems Added a store() method to the MacOS.OSA object JavaScript OSA now properly accepts float and Fixed values appearing in AppleEvents Added _vbnames property to AEOMApplication class that creates VisualBasic compatible identifiers when loading application dictionaries.

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