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Italian FlashCards BASIC is a language learning tool. It is a free app that helps you learn new Italian words via four different modes. There is a paid version that comes with many more words. This "free" version comes with 10 different words for each mode. There are four modes: "Word", "Meaning", "Spelling" and "Listening".

The Word mode displays a word in Italian and you have to select the correct meaning from five different words. If you are right, you will then be shown the next word, and so on. The Meaning mode is similar, but instead of selecting the right meaning, you have to select the actual word in Italian for a word in English. The Spelling mode tests how good your memory is, and it asks you to type in a word in Italian. The Listening mode is by far the most interesting. A word is pronounced, and you have to select the word's meaning in English.

Although the number of words that this app comes with is limited, it gives you a nice idea of how the app works. The paid version comes with many more words and it is a nice tool to learn Italian. There are other apps for other languages, Spanish for example.

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