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This is a utility that lets you create screensavers.
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This is a utility that lets you create screensavers. It can be used to combine videos, photos, audio files and flash animations into a Mac OS X Cocoa screensaver file, which you can later install and customize under your system's preferences. When you first launch this application, you will see the project manager. From here, you can create new projects or open recent ones. When you create a new project, you will be taken to a separate window, where you can start adding your files to the screensaver. Unfortunately, other than adding the files that you want to use with your screensaver, there isn't much that you can customize. You can change the order in which your files will be displayed, but you can't add transition effects. The only options that you can change are during the build stage of the process, where you can set the screensaver to mute audio or to use a heads up display (HUD).

I created a sample screensaver by adding a few JPEG files and an AVI sample video. I also tried adding an MKV file, but the format wasn't supported. After I built the screensaver, I installed it by double clicking the .saver file that was created during the process, and then tested the saver from the System Preferences window. It took a few seconds to load, but once it did, the video was played smoothly, and the transition to the photos was quite good.

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  • Easy to use
  • It produces good quality screensavers


  • Not many customization options



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