WMF Viewer

WMF Viewer 2.6

An easy-to-use application designed to open, view and convert WMF files.

WMF Viewer allows users to view and convert files with the WMF extension.
WMF (Windows Metafile) is a Microsoft graphics file format that can contain vector graphics as well as bitmap components. These files can be opened with WMF Viewer, and individual or batch conversions to other formats can be performed on them. The following are formats to which WMF files can be converted: BMPf, JPEG, TIFF, qtIf, TPIC, EPS, PNTG, PNGf, 8BPS, SGI, PDF. Aside from setting the export format, the export resolution can also be customized. Users are offered the possibility to choose among 72, 150, 300 and 600 dpi. When viewing a file, its size will also be displayed. The images can be rotated under any chosen angle before the conversion is performed. The program will not open files having formats to which it can make conversions, therefore the results can be checked with utilities appropriate for opening and viewing those formats. Also, users can choose the destination folder for the resulting files, however they are not asked to name these files prior to making the conversion, which is a downside.
WMF Viewer is an easy to use application designed to open, view and convert WMF files.

Margie Smeer
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  • WMF files can be viewed and also converted to several formats with this utility
  • Images can be rotated before conversion
  • When the images are viewed, their size is also displayed


  • Users are not asked to name the files that will result from the conversion
  • The "replace color" option does not seem to work
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