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Free iRobbo is a fun game in which you need to help a robot find his home.
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iRobbo is a fun game in which you need to help a robot find his home and guide him through the galaxy. The objective of each level is to reach the exit door of each maze to leave that planet. All the levels offer completely different mazes with lots of challenges and obstacles. The robot can move certain objects like crates, but others are very heavy for him. To open certain doors, you first need to find and collect a key. You also collect certain bolts that you need to power your warship and leave the planet. There is also ammo scattered around, which you should collect to power your weapons and shoot at certain craters that may block your way.

You should be careful with your moves, because if you move a crater in the wrong direction or make yourself explode, you will need to start the levels from scratch, since there is no undo option. The levels are very challenging, so think your moves ahead. The game offers simple but nice graphics and sounds, but no music.

To conclude, iRobbo is a challenging and enjoyable puzzle game, which will surely keep you playing for a while.

SM Senior editor
Silvana Mansilla
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  • Very enjoyable and challenging
  • Different levels with a great variety of obstacles
  • Free


  • Only one mode



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