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iPodTransfer is an iPod transfer utility for the Mac.
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iPodTransfer is an iPod transfer utility for the Mac. It allows you to copy content from an iPod to your Mac and viceversa. It has support for nearly all types of iPods. As a matter of fact, the latest iPods, like the iPad, and last-generation shuffle and nano. Of course the iPod touch and the iPhones are all supported.

As a trial limitation, iPodTransfer can only transfer one file at the time. This is a great way of letting users test your product, though.

When you first launch iPodTransfer, your iPod will be detected and you will be shown all the music and playlists on it in the same way iTunes does. I found the application to be very intuitive and stable during my time with it. To test it, I downloaded a couple of songs from my iPod to my Mac first. The process was very smooth and easy. It simply required me to select the songs and right-click on them. Copying to my iPod was also easy, but to do that, I had to click on a button on the apps's menu bar, which prompted me to choose the file I wanted to upload. After that, my iPod was synced and the song was available on it.

iPodTransfer lets you manage multiple iPods at once and you can even copy music between them.

José Fernández
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  • It works great
  • Good iPod support
  • Lets you manage multiple devices at once


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