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iPod Viewer is an app that allows you to download music off your iPod.
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iPod Viewer is an application that allows you to download music off your iPod. As the developers state on their website, iTunes only allows you to put music on your iPod, not get it back from it. iPod Viewer is a tool that can read your iPod and determine what songs are on it. Then, you can simply select one or more songs and transfer them to your hard drive.

When you select an iPod, you will see a list of songs on the main window. But you MUST pay attention to the little window on the right, which is the playlist selection window. At first, I was thinking that the application didn't work because only a few of the songs were displayed, but then I figured out that the On-The-Go playlist was active. From the right, I clicked on my iPods main playlist and all my songs were displayed. All the playlists on your iPod should be listed there.

This tool allows you to browse the detected songs from a list or you can use the search feature to find them. It has a built-in DVD burner that allows you to burn songs to a CD or DVD.

All in all, this is a nice app that works fine and it has a very light and responsive interface.

José Fernández
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