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iPhoto Library Manager 4.2

This application helps you to manage your iPhoto libraries.
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iPhoto Library Manager is an application that gives you extra features to manage your iPhoto libraries and photos. The application's main window is divided into three panes. The one on the left shows your iPhoto libraries. The middle pane shows either your albums or events. On the right, you will find information about your libraries such as library location, size, version, and last modification date. You may have to click on the "Calculate size" button to see the size of your library.

From the toolbar at the top, you can create a new library and add existing libraries to the list in case the app doesn't find them. You can also delete libraries and manage iPod Folders. These are libraries that you can transfer to your photo-capable iPod device. iPod Touch users can simply use iPhoto to do that, though.

Most of the options are found on the menubar menus. From up there, you can extract photos, merge libraries, create and add libraries, and so on. Extracting photos is a nice feature for when you want to export your entire library to a folder on your hard drive. The photos that you extract will be divided into two folders, one for original files and another one for modified files.

In short, iPhoto Library Manager is a useful tool for iPhoto users. The graphical interface is clean and nice-looking. There are a number of features that make managing libraries quite easy.

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