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iPad File Explorer is a great file management tool.
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iPad File Explorer is a great file management tool. It allows you to browse your iPads flash memory as if it were an external drive connected to your Mac. The application is also available for Windows and it not only supports iPads, but also works with iPhones and iPods. If you have an iOS device with some spare space, this is a great way of moving files around and sharing them with other computers, or even to put content on your devices.

When you launch iPad File Explorer, it will detect all the devices connected to your Mac and list them in a drop-down menu. The app will also show the free space on each device. There are two buttons at the top of the screen: Device and Storage. If you click on Device, you will see all the directories on your iOS device, whereas if you click on Storage you will see only directories that are used for Storage. The latter is a great way of not messing up your device by modifying a key directory. Once you have found the files that you want to copy, you can simply right-click them to download, or right-click anywhere to upload files from your Mac.

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  • It works great and it is quick
  • Easy to use


  • Browsing takes a little getting used to
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