iODBC Driver Manager, Administrator, SDK 3.52

Independent ODBC SDK.
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iODBC stands for Independent Open Database Connectivity. Commonly considered to be specific to Linux or UNIX platforms, iODBC is a truly platform-independent Open Source implementation of ODBC.
The iODBC effort is managed via the iODBC project,, which is maintained and supported by Openlink Software.
iODBC and ODBC are 100% compatible. Thus, migration of ODBC-compliant applications and drivers across platforms does not require wholesale rewrites.
The iODBC SDKs for the Mac provide support for Cocoa, Carbon, and Darwin development. Like ODBC on the Windows platform, iODBC comprises the following:
Runtime resources ODBC Drivers -- Simply, Drivers that implement the ODBC API. iODBC Driver Manager -- The Driver Manager is implemented as a Framework under Mac OS X; and a Shared Library under Darwin, Linux, UNIX and OpenVMS. iODBC Administrator -- iODBC provides the native GUI-based iODBC Administrator for Mac OS X. The HTTP-based OpenLink ODBC Administrator is also available for all iODBC-supported client platforms except the Classic Mac OS.
Development resources iODBC SDK -- Used by developers for the development of ODBC-compliant database applications and drivers, the iODBC SDK includes all necessary Header Files and Shared and Static Link Libraries, as well as the library sources.
What's new in this version:
Fixed issue with ~/Library/ODBC/odbc[inst].ini on Mac OS X Added build support for Yosemite (OS X 10.10)Updated iODBC AdministratorUpdated iODBC DemoFixed string truncation in Unicode ANSI conversion on some API calls



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