Interwrite Workspace

Interwrite Workspace 4.4

Interwrite Workspace is an integrated classroom training system.

Interwrite Workspace is an integrated classroom training system designed for use in an interactive training environment. The system enhances instructor productivity by enabling instructors to focus their time on improving student learning and performance. Interwrite Workspace has built-in functionality, including:

Annotation tools for use in adding comments and drawing notations on the page

Multimedia Tools to add multimedia to lessons, or while instructing

Focus tools to highlight components of the lesson

Handwriting Recognition that converts handwritten text

Integration with Microsoft Office

Downloadable lessons and image gallery

Record and playback for creating multimedia content

Multiple User input

Ability to save, email, and print lessons

Integration with Student Assessment Tools CPS (Classroom Performance System), and Interwrite Response

Localized to a large number of languages

Enabled interaction with a variety of hardware:

Interwrite Mobi – Mobile Tablet Hardware

Interwrite DualBoard – Interactive Whiteboards

Interwrite Panel – Touch screen monitor with input-output capability

Student Assessment Tool hardware, such as CPS and Response clickers

Workspace operates in the following modes:

Lesson Mode Allowed the user to interact with his or her computer with the Interwrite DualBoard, from Interwrite Mobi tablets, and from an Interwrite Panel.

Mouse Mode Allowed the user to select and run applications and perform all the functions performed with a computer mouse and keyboard.

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