Instant RSS Notifier

Instant RSS Notifier 1.5

Turns OS X's Notification Center and your menu bar into an RSS feed reader.
1.5.1 (See all)
Rocky Sand Studio

RSS Notifier turns OS X's Notification Center and your menu bar into an RSS Feed Reader.
*** Features ***
Notification Center Integration:
- Alerts/banners for your recent RSS news without interrupting what you are doing
- Access past RSS alerts with a simple click or swipe
Menu bar Integration:
- Quick overview of RSS headlines in your menu bar
- Simply click the headlines to read RSS news in your browser
Built-in subscription management
- Add new subscriptions by search term or feed URL
- Hide RSS news from certain subscriptions
Custom refresh interval and manual refresh
Option to show/hide dock icon
Default RSS Reader capability
OPML export/import
RSS, ATOM, RDF support

*** Notification Bar features ***
Spice up your RSS news with the colorful Notification Bar.
- Quickly scroll through your RSS article headlines and easily open them in your browser.
- Simply swipe to mark RSS articles read/unread
Views for Notification Bar
- Use Views to group RSS articles for folders, feeds, keywords
- Smart views displayed in Notification Bar
- Easily customize and reorder views

*** Features Coming Soon ***
iCloud syncronization
Built in news reader with customizable appearance

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