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Instant Player 1.2

Going to take your iTunes music experience to a whole new level.
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Instant Player is going to take your iTunes music experience to a whole new level. Through a combination of truly fast search, multiple playing options, hot keys, artworks support and Growl integration, this is a must have app for any iTunes user. Find, play and manage your songs and whole albums right from the menu bar and keep your workflow up with no more switching to the iTunes and back. Get instant access to your music, get Instant Player now!

★ Instant Search
Have your music library at your fingertips and find your songs right from the menu bar. Start playing a song or album is as easy as typing few letters in the search bar available at all times under the menu bar icon. No needs to switching to iTunes and back, no more distractions, smooth workflow only.
★ Instant Controls
Play, pause, stop, rewind, fast forward, back and skip, all these basic controls are available right after clicking on the menu bar icon along with shuffle controls and the ability to directly jump into particular spot in the song. Or simply use multimedia keys on you keyboard. Volume slider included as well.
★ Instant Ratings
Want to rate your favorite songs? Just hover over the song name and click the stars. Want to give some stars to concrete album? Move your cursor over the album artwork and choose the stars.
★ Artworks Dock Icon
See the album artwork of the currently playing song right at your dock and have perfect notion of what you are listening to. The feature can be disabled or you can remove the dock icon completely.
★ Menu Bar Song Info
Have the song name, album, artist and song length displayed right at your menu bar, or customize it via preferences and choose just some of these information to be visible. You can completely turn off this feature as well.
★ Growl Integration
Let the Growl inform you of every new song being played. Information about song name, album name and artist performing is provided. Growl notifications can be disabled in app preferences as well (Growl 1.2 no longer supported on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion).
★ Show/Hide Shortcut
Use predefined or define your very own keyboard shortcut to bring the Instant Player up in no time, without touching the mouse.
★ Snow Leopard & Lion System Compatibility
Instant Player runs smoothly on both the Snow Leopard and the Lion OS X operating systems.

If you want to hide the Dock icon, you'll have to do it manually (simply drag it from the Dock and drop elsewhere). After that, the native app icon will behave the right way, including proper response to "show/hide icon" settings in preferences.

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