Instagiffer 1.75

Instagiffer is a free app to create high-quality animated GIFs.

Instagiffer is a free app to create animated GIFs. Instagiffer lets you generate GIF animations from all types of video files, including video from sites like YouTube, Vine, and Facebook. The app offers an easy way to edit and customize your video snippets with captions, effects, loops, and filters so you can express yourself, capture favorite moments from movies / TV shows, and share with your friends online.

To create your own GIFs, the first thing you need to do is load your video: you can search for an existing file in your computer or get a video URL. Another way obtaining video is by using the app’s screen recording tool, which will allow you, for instance, to capture video streams from Netflix, games, etc.

The app is quite simple and intuitive. Once your video is loaded, the next step is to customize your animation. You can define the exact time you want the GIF to begin, as well as its length and smoothness. There are options to control the frame size and image quality, and additional parameters to adjust brightness, playback rate, and apply effects and filters. In the preview pane, you can explore your video, crop its edges, and easily delete frames.

In addition to this, Instagiffer lets you add captions to your GIFs, enabling you to customize the font type and size, positioning, opacity, etc. It even gives you the option to add effects, animations, and filters to your captions. Before creating a GIF, Instagiffer lets you know if the file size is too large for specific sites like Tumblr, so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Creating GIFs with Instagiffer is easy and fun, and the results are excellent. The app offers everything you need to create high-quality GIFs instantly and, unlike online GIF makers, without undesired watermarks. It is completely free and is available for Mac and Windows.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Supports all common video formats, even HD videos
  • Supports all the popular video sites
  • Intuitive interface
  • Many customization options
  • Includes a screen capture tool
  • Free
  • No watermarks


  • An easier way to preview captions would be great
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