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iMote is a program for controlling iTunes from just about any application.
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iMote is a handy tool developed by MKD Software and is used for controlling iTunes songs, library, tracks and more. It works only with iTunes, and will launch the application when you want to play the songs. It comes with settings for general use of the program, hot-keys, floater (a small transparent window that shows details about the currently playing song), growl notification and the stepback function. The stepback function is a new function in players which allows the Mac users to rewind the song several seconds back; the function comes in handy when having to dictate and review recorded content and can go till five seconds back.

What makes this different from other similar products is the fact that is a light controller that incorporates all of the common used functions: play, previous, next, rating and playlist. The rating of a song can be done either from the floater window that appears each time a new song plays, either by opening the controller's window or by assigning hot-keys for ratings. The hot-key are predefined, but the users are allowed to modify them as they please.

Briefly, you should give iMote a try; it is free, it comes with all of the needed functions for a player, it provides the stepback function and is accessible through hot-keys.

Dave Hattey
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  • New function that allows the users to replay up to 5 seconds when resuming iTunes
  • Very accessible through hot-keys


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