Perform lossless conversion of MKV files.
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Convert MKV videos into MP4 files with no loss of quality. Select the files for processing and pick the elements of their containers for rendering in the output folder. Work with individual items and build a queue for batch conversion, monitor the process in real time, etc.

MKV2MP4 is intended to convert MKV movies so that their contents become readily playable on various types of Mac devices. The tool is quite easy to use and conversion can be made in two or three steps. It supports a very specific range of formats. In this respect, only MKV is allowed as input while the output can be set to either MP4 or M4V.

The application's interface is quite minimalistic. You can create new conversion jobs by simply dragging and dropping the source files onto it. Fortunately, converting a batch of files is supported. Next, if the original movie comes with various audio tracks, you can pick the one you want to keep in the target. The next step is just proceeding to convert but before that, the tool will ask you for a destination folder. As simple as this may seem, there is an even more straightforward method. If you set a watch folder, any MKV file copied there will be automatically converted using the default profile.

Fortunately, you can customize conversion if you go to the application's preferences, which lets you set a series of default values and choices. First, you can pick one of the two target formats available (MP4 or M4V). Next, it gives the opportunity to convert internal subtitles, although embedding external subtitles is not supported.

As to audio output, it is possible to use various conversion profiles. In this regard, you can choose High Speed and Quality if you want the conversion process to be fast. However, this may bring about compatibility issues with some players, which you can avoid by picking the Perfect Compatibility profile. Still, it is possible to use a completely customized profile. Luckily, the application supports high-quality sound, so you can decide what to do about surround sound AC3 or DTS tracks as well as pick the desired bitrate.

All in all, MKV2MP4 is a great choice for watching any movie in MKV format on other devices that do not support this format. It is very convenient that MKV2MP4 can be tried for free so I took this opportunity to convert a few movies (up to ten can be converted with the free trial). I am glad to say that the conversion was very fast, and, since the video track remains untouched, there is absolutely no quality loss after the conversion. Moreover, the size of the files remained more or less the same.

Pedro Castro
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  • Converts video extremely fast and without quality loss
  • Supports high-quality audio
  • Allows picking the desired audio track
  • Can convert internal subtitles


  • Limited range of input and output formats
  • Cannot embed external subtitles
  • Does not come with any editing features
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