IMAP Addresses Exporter

IMAP Addresses Exporter 1.02

It retrieves e-mail addresses of people who once wrote messages to you.

IMAP Addresses Exporter is a simple application that helps you retrieve e-mail addresses of people who once wrote messages to you. The program supports well-known mail providers such as Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, and Hotmail, as well as any other mail server that supports IMAP protocol.

The interface is plain, simple, and easy to use. It consists of a relatively small window where you are supposed to fill in your account configuration. If you deal with well-known servers – as those already mentioned above – the settings are completed automatically when pressing on the corresponding dedicated button placed at the bottom of the window. For other providers, you will need to set the port, the host, and the encryption mode manually. In addition, you are asked to enter the username and the password of your account. The connection to the server shouldn't take long. If by any chance it takes much longer than expected, you may well need to check the configuration form.

The moment you're connected to the server, the folders of your e-mail account will be displayed, ready to be selected for retrieving the information you are looking for. Unfortunately, the label supports individual selection only – an option to select multiple folders at once isn't provided. The results will be displayed on a separate window, which, in my opinion, is rather poorly designed. It doesn't count the items for you to know the amount of addresses found, and it doesn't have a search function or filters to reorder the addresses according to specific criteria.

The program is good, as it retrieves your contacts’ e-mail addresses quite fast. The results can be exported to TXT files for further use. Still, I consider that there is room for improvement. Namely, the window that displays the results found could be enhanced to become more attractive and searchable. Furthermore, the list of the implicit mail providers could be extended to more than four.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy-to-use application
  • Retrieves your contacts' e-mail addresses
  • Easy connection to common e-mail providers
  • Fast information retrieval


  • The window showing the addresses found is poorly designed
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